Dave Hebb – Medicine Chest Reflected Self-Portrait

Dave Hebb is a visual artist and educator working primarily with photography and video in the Catskill region of New York State. His work explores how our external surroundings can both shape and reflect our inner states of being. By examining the interactions between the forces of nature and the systems and artifacts of post-industrial infrastructure and culture, he portrays a range of psychological and metaphysical metaphors for the individual’s relationship to the world at large.

His work has been exhibited in galleries regionally, nationally and internationally, most recently in a three-person show at Art Laboratory Berlin, (Berlin, Germany, 2012). His photography has been featured online by several publishers including Pool Resources, Empty Stretch, and The American Guide, as well as in print by Aint-Bad Magazine (2014) and Strant Magazine (2016). He has received various awards, grants and fellowships including a Fulbright Fellowship to Iceland to create a sculptural installation (1997-8) and participating in the New York Foundation for the Arts’ MARK program (2010). He holds a BFA in Film and Television Production from New York University (1989) and an MFA in Painting/Installation Art from Montana State University (1997) and currently teaches online for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division (2010-5).

Download full CV as a PDF: 2017 CV web