Jun 232015
American Candle Sign - Saugerties, NY

American Candle Sign – Saugerties, NY

Some new work of mine shot in Saugerties, NY was featured last week on the wonderful Tumblr blog The American Guide curated by Brett Klein. It’s a great website and blog featuring photosets from various cities and small towns across America that make reference to a series of books published by the US government back in the 1930’s as part of the WPA effort to employ artists and writers.  Some great photographers have been featured on the site and it’s definitely worth checking out!


Nov 262014

Ski Bowl Lodge Site

I was thrilled to have my project “This Land is My Land” featured on the Tumblr blog Another Place curated by Iain Sarjeant.  He does an excellent job of finding a range of great contemporary landscape photographers and I’m honored to be presented among such great talent – Take a look and follow his blog if you have a Tumblr account!


Nov 072014
"Microwave with Orange" - from a recent hoarding documentation in 2014.

“Microwave with Orange” – from a recent hoarding documentation in 2014.

You may recall way back in 2011 I documented a cat hoarder’s house and previously presented it here on this site as a project titled “Hoarder House”.  After a few years, I assumed that it had a limited scope, so I took the project down from the site.  Then, in March of 2014, I had another opportunity to document a different cat hoarder’s house.  This environment was quite different in many ways, and yet there were strange similarities and the images seemed to speak to a much more complex sociological phenomenon.  I had to refrain from publishing the photos until the related court case was settled a few months ago, but now I’m beginning to combine the photos into a single ongoing project. I’m still editing the photos, and I anticipate the continuing opportunity to document these types of environments over the next few years, but in the meantime I published a quick edit of the project in one of my Flickr albums.  Feel free to take a peek and shoot me an email if you have any thoughts or questions about this project – I’d love to hear from you!

– Dave