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My Life as a Dream

Like many photographers of my generation, I sometimes see things in black and white. It’s a feeling like living in a dream, or inside an old movie. A feeling of longing and melancholy, but also light and shadow and texture and the graininess of old film. The images in this series presented themselves in ordinary circumstances, mostly while going about my normal daily life, and only called out to me occasionally, as if whispering or sometimes screaming from my subconscious. I’ve been carrying around my old 35mm Pentax in my car with various rolls of expired black and white film for many years waiting for these scenes to appear. Sometimes years go by without taking a shot, and other times I’ll burn through a roll in a week. Perhaps these images don’t fit into a succinct narrative or even a cohesive theme, but they follow an internal irrational thread that is maybe just a glimpse into my life as a dream.