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The Pursuit of Happiness

It’s about documenting my personal life with my family. It’s about a sad and beautiful world. It’s about memory and loss and nostalgia for happier times that never really existed. It’s about growing up and losing your innocence. It’s about growing old and facing your mortality. It’s about searching for meaning. It’s about a vague feeling of uneasiness lurking behind every joyful occasion. It’s about worrying about the future. It’s about watching nature destroy everything that humans try to create. It’s about existential angst. It’s about struggling with depression. It’s about celebrating the moment while acknowledging that it won’t last. It’s about telling it like it is. It’s about expressing myself freely and openly and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks. It’s about hoping that I’m not alone in my feelings. It’s about being a homeowner. It’s about the pursuit of happiness. It’s about examining the American Dream through a stream of consciousness.


It’s about all these things… living in a beautiful home, having hope for the future, feeling secure and comfortable surrounded by loving friends and family . . . . all the things I wish I had.

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